Welcome to i-Church International!

Our purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ
We are committed to being a church that desires to bring glory and Worship to Jesus Christ in all that we say or do.
We envision a church that is open and sensitive to the move and gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested during our services/activities ( 1 Corinthians 12: 7-11)
We envision a church that continually experiences intimacy with God through Christ Centered, Spirit-anointed Worship
We envision an expanded praise ministry that is made up of Godly, Talented and passionate musicians and vocalists giving glory to God through a variety of music styles that appeal to various cultures and age groups.
We envision a church Choir that will lift up Holy and triumphant praises to Jesus Christ our Lord!!

Our purpose is to reach the lost
We are committed to obeying the command of Jesus Christ to "..Preach the Good News... " and be HIS witnesses according to the Scriptures. (Mark 16:15; Acts 1: 8)
We envision a church that will Annually plan and implement evangelistic outreaches that will take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the World Community and reach people of all cultures, and of all ages WHERE THEY ARE! as well as periodic outreaches hosted locally and on church grounds.
We envision a church that demonstrates the love and kindness of Christ to the needy in the community through meeting needs in tangible ways; such as clothing , food and other basic helps.
We envision a church that will have an expanded media outreach ministry to surrounding communities through means of internet, radio and television.
We envision a church that will reach out to children and youth in the community through ministries such as Kid's Crusades, and teen-oriented outreach activities.
We also envision a church that will reach people for Christ by sponsoring and sending members of this assembly on short term missions trips abroad in foreign lands and at home within the United States of America.

Our purpse is to make disciples
Not only do we strive to reach the lost through evangelistic outreach, we also commit ourselves to developing lifetime followers of Jesus through discipleship.
Our aim is to encourage and develop spiritual growth in each believer by challenging each one to "Seek first HIS kingdom and HIS righteousness.." (Matthew 6:33), to become Christ-like in Character and doing the will of God from a Humble heart.
We envision a Church that will instill the basic doctrines and truths of the Scriptures in the lives of new/young believers through Biblical Discipleship and teachings.
We envision a Church that will develop believers into growing, mature disciples by offering a wide range of "disciple-building" courses and programs for all ages.

Our purpose is to equip for ministry
We are committed to the calling of Ephesians 4: 12 to "Prepare God's people for works of service (ministry)..."
We envision a Church that will provide adequate training and resources to help develop and strengthen spiritual/ministry leaders and teachers for service in the Body of Christ. (Conferences, ministry, school, classes, etc...)
We envision a Church that will assist each member to discover the gifts and talents Christ hs entrusted to them and provide opportunities to USE their gifts in service to the Lord, His Church, and to others.
We envision a church where the spiritual/ministry leaders are UNITED together in Heart, mind and purpose by the Holy Spirit, and walk in one accord before the assembly.
We envision a Church that will provide loving, compassionate ministry to the elderly of this assembly through a strong visitation ministry to the shut-ins and the hospitalized.
We envision a church that establishes various ministry committees to assist the pastor and leaders in the work of ministry and to help expedite the work of the Gospel in the World Community.